Monday, January 28, 2008

all is quiet

The Well plays a song from here that I really like called "Most Worthy."

The last of the puke flew last night. My noisome husband has returned to work (he has been a bear for the past few weeks). Things can now return to normal. The kids are still recovering, but no longer have a fever and aren't making a run for it every few minutes. I'm looking forward to today being quiet and restorative. I've been listening to The Well (now called Elijah Streams-just a name change) and reading Charlotte Mason's Book 1 on education.

I'm seriously considering our educational options for next school year. I'm confident enough now in my abilities to step away from the cyber charter and pursue some other interests. The cyber has been great, but very limiting as it fills so much of our time. It's difficult to put a full day in, and still be interested in other educational pursuits. I'd like to follow a more inclusive way of studying rather than the school at home method. Unit studies, rich living books, art and music are much more appealing to me right now, especially since next year 4yo could be starting kindie. I don't think she's ready for the rigors of k12 full time although I greatly value their curriculum. Maybe I'd consider it for her if I could afford to do it independently instead of through a cyber, but they are pricey!