Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a weight off my back

I just had an RV towed out of my driveway. My husband bought it 2 years ago this spring with a big idea of fixing it up to suit his needs. It was old, the guy selling it was drunk, and DH hadn't looked many other places, but I kept my mouth shut. It did look very nice on the inside. I hoped it was all the seller was making it out to be. It made DH happy and was fairly reasonable. Then the truth started to come out. When we received the title, we discovered it was actually 10 years older than the seller had told us. Dh was about to go overseas for a few months, so in the interim the camper was parked at my parents. There it could be moved regularly and there was plenty of room to "work" on it when he returned. 2 months came and went, dh returned and decided it would be better to have it at our house. On the drive home it started to smoke and overheat. He pulled over and eventually limped it home. I didn't say, "I told you so." The big dream has sat in our driveway for the past 12+ months untouched. No work. no checking. nothing. I kept gently nudging him to do SOMETHING with it. sell it, fix it, move it-anything. I wasn't about to sell the Dream. (my not so loving name I've given it.) Finally I took action. I called the tow truck today. It's currently on it's way to my parents yard where a for sale sign will be put on it. I will sell it to the best offer. They live on a well traveled road that leads to a resort area. Lots of camper loving type traffic. Cars always sell well there.

I feel as if someone has lifted an elephant off my chest. I didn't realize it bothered me so much. I feel so light. Hallelujah! My driveway is once more my own.