Saturday, January 5, 2008

What's in a name?

Names always mean something. When I was naming my children, I was very careful to pick something that meant something I would like them to embody. Both times the names were almost prophetic. One truly is a beautiful friend, and the other is lush and green in her personality. When I was choosing this blog's name, I was not so careful. I just chose something. It wasn't until after I chose it, that I realized that it had some real meaning.

Factory workers are the under appreciated in our society. They are usually among the lower paid and overworked that do the jobs nobody wants to do, however, if these jobs didn't get done we'd all suffer. Life at the Mommy Factory is no exception.

My work is often mindless, dirty, and tiring. I work for no pay. This mommy is often overworked, underdressed, underappreciated, and deserving of a LONG vacation with pay. But what an honor to work at this company. If I didn't keep plodding away my children would be left to the care of strangers, educated in an overcrowded system whose values oppose mine, and then shuffled off to a daycare facility where they could (and probably would) come down with every possible childhood condition, be fed nutritional crap, and finally sent home for me to "enjoy" for the few hours that remain in the day before we all collapse into bed.

Umm...I think I'll pass thanks. Factory work is definitely the life for me.

Sometimes I take my brain off automated pilot and think and think and think. Sometimes the thoughts swirl so much it's hard to catch just what they were. What better place then to organize all those thoughts than a blog that gets lost in cyber space? I hang those thoughts on my own company bulletin board, and maybe, just maybe one of my fellow co-workers will stop by and read it over.

Welcome to the C&C Mommy Factory.