Thursday, January 31, 2008

One of those days

Today is one of those days that will be busy and I'm glad for it. We've been home and indoors quite a lot. We've also been sleeping in until 9:30 and 10 which is much later than I like. I guess it's one of the payoffs and pitfalls of home education. No immediate need to get up and around bright and early if there's no school bus to catch. I blame it on the puke. We'll have to make a conscious effort to get back to schedule or else there will be no turner back. We are naturally night owls.

Currently 10yo is reading the story of Joseph for literature. I love it when her publicly funded education hands us little nuggets like that. It rare and too far between though. I should be incorporating more bible reading into our days. Many times I forget that she's become such a good reader. I read or study, but neglect to have either one of them join me. Hopefully, my decision to incorporate Bible memorization more into our lives will also remind me to have them spend time reading and studying the Word too. When we're done with school, it will be time to rush off to the dentist. After that I plan to take a nice long leisurely stroll through the library. It's been a month since we've last been there. Oh, happy day.