Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do you think it's possible... die from embarassment? If so then it's a good thing I know I am right with the Lord!

I have this slight problem with perfectionism, and if I can't do something perfectly I don't want to do it at all. And if I do something right, but everybody else doesn't and I look like I messed up, then it's even worse.

Lets just say I am having one of those moments that I may never allow myself to live down, but that has probably already been forgotten by everyone else!

Bruised knees heal. Bruised pride festers. Learning to love self is the hardest lesson of all. Teach me Lord!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 177

Oh, my! How time does fly! I can scarcely believe that we are on day 177 of 180 of our school year! It seems like the months have just flown by!

Here is a quick recap of our year:

-Girl #2 started her first "official" year of homeschooling. Other years were pretty hit and miss. This is the first year that she actually had a planning page filled out in my teacher's book.

-Girl #2 also started Girl Scouts which started off as a total unplanned disaster but has since come into harmonious planning and execution. I took over as co-leader in February sometime.

-Girl #1 has grown a gazillion inches (yes, it's an official unit of measurement!) and is now older, taller and more mature than I could ever have imagined she would be when I held her as a mere babe. *sniff, sniff* MOVING ON!

-Co-op as we knew it officially came to it's official end this year. While I knew it was over much earlier on in the year our last coop was a week ago. No I was not even sad. I've become more...un-caring about it over the past year. I've taken a "who needs 'em?!" attitude. Can any one say "self preservation?"

-Girl #2 started reading words and short sentences. Yes, she still reads backwards in mirror images at times, but she has begun to read Bob Books and so we have made improvement. She is still on my "watch" list for learning difficulties.

-Girl #1 worked tirelessly on her Junior Scout Bronze award, as an individual when her troop decided the needs of animals came before the needs of people. She is finishing up her final hours of service needed to complete a total of 15.

-Girl #1 also became the darling of Daisy Troop by being at every meeting (except 1 that I made her stay home from just so the troop leaders wouldn't take her for granted-this was before I became co-leader.) She is the unofficial big sister to every Daisy scout and they love her. Who woulnd't?!

-I experienced NO WINTER BLUES! Yippee!! This is truly a miracle and one to give thanks for! I did however come down with a 3 week belly ache that made me feel like if it didn't stop soon it was time to see a doctor.

In conclusion, that is all I can think of for now! LOL! More later?