Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's official. The 090-10 school year has begun. I have to admit, I was NOT ready to start. Not even one little bit. My children on the other hand were. Dutifully, on the day after labor day we started into our school year routine. This year however, I officially have 2 schooling. Previous years, 6yo was just informally schooling. I was pretty sure she was ready to start for "real" this year though.

The first week was rather hard. Not for the kids-ME. By day 3 or so I was starting to get into the swing and even...enjoying myself???

All has gone rather well until today when we hit a rather small bump in the road to school. Neither child had their heart in their studies today. Nope. They went through the motions, but really they would rather have been vegging in front of the old boob-tube.
I didn't let them.
I'm so mean.

After lunch their attitudes picked up, but we got such a late start that "lunch" came around 3:30 when we should have been wrapping it up for the day.

As of now they are happily playing in the foggy damp early evening hours racing down the hill on a homemade contraption of some sort. They are loud, noisy, and outdoors and blissfully happy. I am sure we will be back in action tomorrow.

Happy school days, y'all.