Saturday, June 2, 2012


My how time flies! I'd like to add the "when you're having fun" part of that, but unfortunately there was a reason for the very long absence at this blog. Divorce. It's a big ugly word...and it happened to me. After a long time, I think I am finally healed up, or mostly healed anyway, and ready to just be me again. No one can ever prepare you for how difficult walking down that road is. It doesn't matter how much one knows that the Lord will sustain or that He hears every prayer. It hurts. It's dark. And it's lonely. I'm so thankful to be on the other side of it now! I'm ready for whatever life brings my way! Hello! mercies that are new every morning, steadfast love that never ceases, and grace that is enough for even me!! I can't totally blame my absence on a divorce though. Facebook. It's such a time waster, and sometimes a great outlet for just sending out a rapid fire mini-blog type thought. OH! It feels good to be writing again. I realize the 1 or 2 readers I had have probably moved on to other pastures, most likely twitter and facebook, but just seeing the words appear on the page is enough for me! That's the best reason for writing that I know!