Thursday, June 10, 2010

When it rains...

Sometimes life is bright and sunny other days it seems to be a little cloudy. Sometimes it pours buckets.

I have been wearing my galoshes!

Death is never a good thing. 2 deaths in one week is just terrible. 2 vehicles breaking down in the midst of it all is just plain mean.

And all that meanness makes me feel mean right back. It must be the way I grieve sometimes. I just haven't felt like coddling people (including my poor, equally grumpy husband). There is nothing I would like more than to spend a few days with "my peeps" but I have found that maybe those "peeps" really aren't the peeps I thought they were. None of my friends have called to see how we're doing. One emailed and said they knew they should call, but then never followed through.

I'm either really too sensitive right now, or else finally seeing clearly. I really thought my friends would in some way rally round and find out how we were. Instead, I got a canceled play date, via email, and an a quick email about feeling the need to call but not doing it. I just don't feel in the mood to chase people down and make then care about me.

So here's the memo people....It's not my job to make you care. It's not my job to chase you down and make you be friends with me. It's not my job to do your job!

And here's the other memo, grumpy person who shall remain "nameless:" The a/c going out in a car is not a life crisis that requires the immediate purchase of a newer vehicle to make you feel better!!!

Until next time, when the sun is once again shining....