Sunday, January 27, 2008


Gross. 10yo woke me up at midnight last night, I was just getting into a good sleep, to tell me that she had thrown up and it was everywhere. Now let me preface this by saying I don't "do" puke. Puke is the one thing that sets my stomach to turning. So I say to her to do her best to get the chunks before I have to look at it. I felt sorry for her, but knew that me going in there with it "everywhere" would just cause more to be everywhere. She cleaned up some and I was able to draw somewhat near. She wasn't kidding. It was everywhere. She said she woke up and it was coming out of her mouth. We're lucky it wasn't worse! So, at 12:00 at my parents house no less, we were poking about looking for cleaning supplies and such. (my mom doesn't use what I use, so I had to try to think like her for a moment to know how to even begin.) After 45 minutes, we had things wiped down with bleach (I found it.) At 1 am, I was quietly trying to pack up the 2 of them, and beat it home. Not easy when you waken a sleeping 4 year old and carry her out of grandma and pappy's house. Once she was awake she too complained about a sore tummy. Meanwhile 10yo is still yarking every few minutes. This is a nightmare scene. Away from home and 2 sick kids.
I left a note, grabbed some sick bags, and sped home. We made it into the driveway just in time for the birthday girl to open the door and let it fly again. I settle them into bed, deciding to tuck 4yo in with me "in case" she too starts. All night, every 20 minutes like clockwork she was sick. 10 yo old was up and down up and down. I was up all night. It was a puke-a-palooza. Oh, Lord. Things finally settled down around 8 am and we were able to sleep for a few hours. Today has not been fun. Both are feverish and in and out of the bathroom. Thankfully, hubby came home last night instead of his usual Monday. I'm making him handle the daytime trips for 4yo.

Happy Birthday.