Tuesday, January 22, 2008

prayer room down

My beloved prayer room has been down yesterday and today. It didn't work correctly Sunday either and we were home from church. I watched the service feed blip in and out. What a bummer. What ever will I do?

On another note, I've come down with a cold. It' my own fault for letting it become full blown. I felt yucky Friday night, but ignored it. I felt yucky Saturday, but ignored it. By Sunday, it was a cold, and I took only a small bit of action. Today I feel zoned out. The good thing about having a cold is I've found a delightful tissue. Yes, I said tissue. Puffs plus lotion and VICKS. A perfect combination. I love the scent of Eucalyptus when I've got a cold. Now when my nose is stuffy and drippy -ewwww! I'm so disgustingly honest.- I can just hold a vicks coated tissue under my nose. No need to get out the greasy stuff. Life shouldn't be this good.