Monday, January 14, 2008


The path is speaking to me. Come walk along me, it pleads. I feel it's arms bending over my broken skin, trying to touch away the hurt. It's empty. My skin has grown callused at it's touch. Pleadingly the path beckons. Walk on. Walk on.

Softly, I hear the valley down below calling my name, touching my heart. As I listen to it's message I seems to hear it say more. It's message changes and sways. I want you, I want you, stay away, stay away. Duty and honor have placed me here, come join me. Duty and honor have placed me here, stay away.

Yes, duty and honor. I know them all too well. Duty and honor have spoken so many times before. Stay on the path they say. Stay on the path.

More fear. More confusion. I love to gaze at the valley. Here I wait for a voice above all the others. His voice I trust and fear. Waiting. Waiting. I stand.

The silence is deafening. He speaks more loudly than the path, the valley, or duty and honor. Jump, I'll catch you. My wings are strong. Turn around, I'll carry you. My shoulders are broad.

PUSH ME! I shout down to the valley. Fight for me! I say to the path. Standing at the edge of this precipice, I wait.