Wednesday, January 23, 2008

catch up day

Today is going to be a catch up day. Yesteday I did very little. School and supper was about all I felt like handling. I did take a short walk after supper which helped relax me. Today I have all sorts of chores to catch up on. Loads of laundry-I hate to even count. There's at least 5. Dishes from last night's supper- only a few silverware and a cookie sheet. Toys to be picked up, boxed up and moved out. 4yo is in her glory. More mess than you can shake a stick at. There's just not enought space. Something has to go outside into storage. It'll help when I finally buy the paint and get cracking on all that work I wanna do. We also need to make a little more progress on the homeschool. Time to get down to business there. January and February is when we typically get the most accomplished. We can usually be done with everything by mid April or the first of May. This year it's not looking so good.

Okay...i'm off... still slowly, I'm still not feeling tippy top.