Saturday, January 19, 2008

Toe freezing cold

Brrrr! It is cold. I went to bed thinking it felt extra cold in here, but thought maybe it was just cause I was tired. I woke up several times in the night cold and finally before dawn got up to get an extra blanket. Usually my house is warm enough I don't need to wear slippers to keep my feet warm. Not today. My toes are freezing cold!! Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be especially cold. I know this is typical January weather. I'm spoiled by all those warm days we've had this year. I don't like the cold. I need to cuddle up to someone in this kind of weather-put my icy feet on them.

I'm dreading sticking my nose out the front door today. I know if I don't though, I'll have too much time on my hands in order to think, and sulk, and stew. Keeping busy is the key to staying content so as soon as I bundle up the kids and myself, we're off for a drive into the country to the farm to pick up some milk. Then I think we'll head to the grocery store. I haven't been yet this week. We've been eating light and what we have on hand in the freezer. It's cold enough, I think I need to do a little baking to warm it up in here so probably this evening I'll be whipping up some banana bread. I'll have to think of something to cook in the oven for our late supper.

okay, here i sooo COLD!