Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sweet Release

Today I woke up and set about my usual routine. Shower, if I haven’t done it the night before, then shuffle off to the computer and switch on IHOP or Elijah Streams, then click over to Bible Gateway to do a little reading as I listen to some prayer or worship. I do this in an effort to order my day. Lately I've had much difficulty keeping my mind stayed on the Lord. I've been easily bogged down by the cares of day to day life and feeling quite overwhelmed. Thankfully today was a bit different. I turned on IHOP, skipped it back to the beginning of the 2 hour set, put on the headphones, and settled in. I read my Proverb and my Psalms and found myself singing along. This was good. I missed a few of the words so I skipped it back again. I found myself able to join in on the worship. I found myself even enjoying it. As I began to lift my heart in worship I found I was lifted up. I was able to say with all the conviction He derserves, "Lord, I trust you." Oh what a sweet peace to be able to trust fully in Him and to rest in His tender loving care even if only for a moment. I was able to sink further and further into Him and see only Him. What sweet release to look for and find the one for whom my soul longs. Above the noise and the turbulence I want Him. Today I found Him.