Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My order from Cbd is still not here. For the past week (or more) I have been meaning to call. For some reason, probably the fact that I hate to make calls to customer service, keep forgetting about it until it's bedtime. Each night I think, oh I'll call tomorrow after I check the mailbox one more time. Finally today, because we were out, I checked the mail during the day and found no packages. I came home and put a call into cbd. Not only did I NOT have to wait for and hour on the phone, I didn't even have to wait a minute, but when the customer service agent picked up, she didn't even question why I hadn't received the order, or why I waited so long to call. She apologized, and upgraded me to UPS ground. Then she asked if I would like it sooner than Monday. Of course I said yes. The kids and I have been checking the mailbox daily waiting for those cd's. How refreshing to get customer service that was actually customer service. She spoke english and was very nice. Cbd is off my 'list.' Go, order and enjoy.