Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Action Zone

Today our co-op families took the day off from school for a good-time outing to an indoor play place. Tuesdays are BOGO free days. You can't bring in your own food though, so snack bar lunches made up for the price break. The kids ran and played and made new friends. It's funny how many homeschoolers come out of the woodwork when you pay attention. I don't usually look twice when I see school aged children out in public during schooltime, but when they stay for hours you start to notice, and even begin to chat. Whoever says homeschool kids don't get "socialized" and aren't a part of the real word needs a wakeup slap. My children engage daily with the "real" world. Not only do they interact with children their own age, but children older and younger as well as adults of varying ages. They hold their heads up high and look people directly in the eye. This makes a momma proud. No, they may not be confronted with the darker side of life, but why would I want them to be?