Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am what I am...

...and that's all I can be. I can only be me, and "do" me. I can't live my life for anyone else, and I can't conform to the expectations of others. Love me, or leave me. What an epiphany. I woke up with such a feeling of relief today. I can't quite exactly put my finger on what brought it, but I have a few ideas. Wow! Only one who has been set free from something can truly understand how good freedom feels.

So today, here is what my geeky, nerdy, anti-mainstream self is going to partake of:
-wash dishes
-climb mount laundry once again
-sing old classic sappy songs and FEEL GOOD while I do it
-sing anything and everything that comes to mind, cause that's just what i do.
-return a few movies, but possible go see my mommy and daddy first and eat dinner with them and watch the last one with them cause I love them and miss them. Call me weird, but I like being connected to my family.
-indulge in the stupidity of American Idol. Why? Because I like to. I like to make fun of the singers, play judge, agree with Simon, and sing along.
-Not worry. Tomorrow will take care of itself.
-go to bed when I'm good and ready. I'm throwing off the guilt of bedtimes and should'a been in bed hours ago. Life is much more fun that way.
-Honor God. Yep. While I'm doing all this, I can still live a life that is hidden in Him. He's so good to me.