Saturday, February 2, 2008


Maybe this will become my nightly "thing." I used to always journal at night last thing before I fell asleep usually preceded by studying a little of the Word. I didn't feel so hot today. Not full blown stomach flu like the girls, but enough of it that I felt shivery, shaky, and had a sore tummy. To top that off, we were "iced in." Schools were canceled or delayed. When that happens we usually stay in too. Not that I felt like going anywhere. It was more the idea that I couldn't if I felt like it. It left me time to think.

I know I think way too much. My brain is always in motion. Always turning something over. Lately I've been very self obsessed and for good reason....I wrote a bunch of stuff after this, but I've decided to cut it out-Anonymity and all that jazz. I wouldn't want to compromise a commitment I've made to myself to keep what I say about others positive. I am free to trash talk myself. Others are off limits. It was theraputic to write it though. Too bad you won't be able to read it. ;l