Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet Comic Valentine

My children presented me these Valentines last night. 4yo got the whole thing started when she asked for her art kit. She loved grabbing several colors and making swirls on the page. Then she folded it, and made her own envelope. I love gifts like these.

Meanwhile, 10yo was working away at cutting paper hearts. She cut and cut and cut. Her paper was full of heart cutouts both large and small. I guess seeing all those hearts were her inspiration to do this:

I'm the one that put the black paper behind it so it was more scannable. It's complete with taped windows over the hearts. Of course both of these sweet things are hanging prominantly from the mom's art gallery-the fridge.

Maybe to those of you without children these handmade gifts seem a little lacking. Let me tell you these gifts from the heart mean more to me than 6 dozen roses given out of guilt or obligation. Maybe they aren't Rembrandts, but they are my sweet Valentines and I treasure them dearly.

I had to share this bit of cuteness. Yesterday, after shoveling out the driveway the girls and I took a drive to get us out of the house. We returned a movie to the Redbox kiosk at out grocery. While there 4yo said, "MOMMY! I still haven't bought you your valentine heart. So I took her over the seasonal section, which is in near proximaty to the door and the video kiosk and let her look. She of course when straight for the biggest box of chocolates in her line of vision. She was set on "buying" me a lovely red tin of Ghiradelli squares. Both girls oooohed and ahhhhhed over the selections and were surprised that the Easter items were already out. Finally before heading to checkout, I spied a much smaller heart full of chocolate covered hazelnuts. Yes. She would settle for these. Talk about love. Today she wants to hide the presents so we can all have a Valentines Day hunt. Should be fun.