Sunday, February 3, 2008

Football yall

So it may not be a huge surprise that I'm not a big pro football fan. I loosely follow the family team every year and have made it a point to watch the super bowl since junior high school. I found that if I didn't know something about football and college basketball, that I was totally lost when our sport fanatic male teachers would take up a whole period exercising their jaws about one or the other.
I missed the first half of tonight’s game, but managed to still follow the score. When we got home, we turned it on and found little had changed. It was tempting to just shut it off, but decided since it was so close; it was probably an interesting game. I wasn't disappointed. I was so hoping the Giants would whoop the Pats, and so when that final touchdown was scored I let a nice loud yell. Well worth the wait. Thankfully all the excitement is over until next year.