Monday, February 4, 2008

Ensuring your children get enough exercise

A.K.A: the lazy girl's guide to walks.

1. Put on shoes grab keys, put on coats, and head out to the car.

2. Get in the car, allow the child/children to sit in the front seat, this makes it extra special. Make sure they don't buckle up either.

3. Drive to the mailbox. Yes, I said drive. Not all of us have our mail delivered to the front door. If you do, await futher instructions. If you are like me and have a line of mailboxes by the entrance to your developement or...cough, cough...trailer park, drive to the mailbox.

4.Remove keys from ignition, check mail and restart your car.

5. Have child hop out of the car, it will take less time if you need to help them if they are unbuckled and in the front.

6. Put car in drive and instruct child to run.

7. Follow child at a slow enough speed that you do not pass them, but fast enough that the little darling will need to run.

8. Celebrate with the child as they "beat" you in the race for home. Laugh silently knowing it is you that has really won.

9. Some special instructions-If you are one of those rich types that has the luxury of mail delivery to your front door, or end of the driveway, you can still ensure your child/children are getting enough exercise. Simply "allow" them carry each piece idividually from the mailbox to the house. You can still follow along in your car if it's as far away as the end of the driveway. Smile, knowing life is good.

More tips and tricks from the lazy girl later. Right now, I'm all tuckered out.