Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Get here Already

I place that order for the Seeds cd's Jan. 16th. It is now nearly 3 weeks later and they have yet to arrive. I am officially done being patient. I keep tracking the order and it has said in progress until yesterday, it finally updated to say they had been shipped on the 31st. Since when does it take 2 weeks to get an order processed? Talk about slow. The cd's better be well worth the wait, or that will be my first and last order from cbd.

I think I'm having some kind of midlife type crisis. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it. It is not just this slow shipping thing that has annoyed me. I am driving myself crazy thinking and thinking and thinking. Yes, I am typically analytical. I like to mull something around and chew on information and such, but it has been truly a maddening amount lately. Enough already. But I haven't been able to turn it off. I think I may need medication-Or a vacation. One would probably feel as good as the other at this point. I've been so crazy, I can't even collect my thoughts enough to pray about it to get relief. The more I think, the more I find things to think about. Enough with the thoughts and planning! I passed impatient a few weeks ago.
I have spent several hours outdoors today. I just came back from a rollicking walk/bike/scooter ride with the girls. I have a nice tired out feeling. We ran, raced, and looked at rain puddles. Most importantly, we breathed the fresh air. I feel better already. There's something about the outdoors that makes me feel alive. No, the situations I've been obsessing about haven't gone away, but being out in the God's great big world makes it all seem a little smaller. I think I'll break the spending freeze and take us all out for dinner. Mom's night out.