Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sun Day Update

Sun is shining. Kids are cleaning. Momma is playing some weird operatic type music. "Nights in White Satin" has never sounded so good. Everything sounds better in Italian. I'm sure even words like "My darling, I'm in love with another woman," are so much more palatable if the person speaking them makes music with every syllable.

My brother has left the state. He and his wife and MIL are in the process of moving to Florida as I type. Actually he's the last to leave. He should have boarded his plane about an hours ago. I'm not sad. We aren't' close any more. I guess that makes me sadder than the fact that he's leaving. About 6 years ago he moved to Oregon. I was sad he was leaving that time, and angry. He only stayed gone about 6 months or so. Who knows how long he'll be gone this time. Forever? I honestly can't say. There is a huge chasm between us, which I'm not sure will ever be crossed. I guess my mom was having difficulty with his move. She didn't say much to me about it. She called Thursday to say she was leaving Friday morning with SIL, the dogs, and SIL's mother. I was a little surprised. They were driving down and she'll fly back sometime this week.

I envy Brother a little- Getting the opportunity to move away, chasing his dreams, and having a spouse that is so very supportive of him. I don't know how I'd react if I ever had that. Probably I'd fall over and faint at the slightest hint of any kind of support like that. In 11 years, it's never happened.

Aside from my brother moving and my mom being out of state, there is nothing really new going on here.
-I've come to a new acceptance, albeit angry and bitter, about my life. Hope can be so cruel.
-I've long held to a theory, and it's been proven recently that those who declare their love the loudest are often the first to turn around and give me a swift kick in the booty. I know those that truly love me do so silently, patiently and unselfishly.
-I've been doing more research about different home school styles, curricula, and laws for our state. I'm gearing up for a change next year. 4 yo will soon be 5 and ready for a bit more of a formal type education. I've been rather busy preparing for that.

okay, break time for me is over. I've got to get hopping if I want to get the rest of my To-do list done. I hope to get outside at some point, and really enjoy this Sunny day.