Friday, March 7, 2008

Of sleeping children, squeaky hair, and a day's resolution.

It's morning again here at the factory. We have co-op today. I should be getting the children dressed and fed and ready to go out the door. I should be but I'm not. I'm just not ready for that yet. Instead, I'm enjoying the feel of the air swirling around my freshly scrubbed skin and the pull of the towel wrapped tightly around my dripping hair. I'm taking a minute to enjoy these small things life hands me. Oh what contentment such small luxuries can bring. All too soon I'll have to put the rest of my clothes on, take down my hair from its neat little bundle and wrestle with the abundant locks. First I'm going to enjoy this moment of solitude. The ticking of the clock, the whir the fan from the cpu, a faint dripping of water, and the clicking of the keys across the keyboard. I'm going to enjoy today. I'm going to live as if things were right. I'm going to paint on a smile, brighten my voice, and shower my friends with some love. I'm going to take in each moment and view them as a gift from God. Today, I will not allow those thoughts to hurt me. Today I will live as one who loves and is loved. Perhaps I can hold back the night time with my smiles. Perhaps tonight she won't feel so lonely and dark. Today is going to be a good day.