Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My parents were asked to do the praise and worship at some meetings over the weekend. Of course, Miss Curiosity tagged along. I just couldn't stand not knowing what I was or was not missing. The speaker was pretty good. His messages were uplifting, although they didn't present any new thoughts or anything. His delivery style was definatly old time firey. Overall, I'd have to say I enjoyed it. He is one of the few speakers I've heard in a long, long time that didn't leave me with the impression he thought he was so much more high and holy than I. That in itself was very refreshing. He freely admitted his speach wasn't eloquent and his musical skills aren't much. What he lacked in those areas he made up for in sincerity. I would say the overall theme for the past 4 nights has been (even though he had different sermons each night) Jesus is coming, prepare the way. It was really confirmation of what I have been feeling lately.

Jesus is coming. I believe the time is short. We need to be about our Father's business.