Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You may be surprised to learn...

...that I am at a heart rather 'hippy-ish.' Not in the free love, pass the drugs sort of way. More in the make it yourself, back to nature, anti-mainstream sort of way. I've always had a love for tie-dye and long (well groomed and maintained) hair. Blame it on a song. I love the yogurt making, goat milking, backyard farming ideals of my youth. My parents had quite a few friends that were like that. It rubbed off on me I guess.

I've become more sustainable minded in the past few years. It's a drive that grows stronger by the day. It may be partially because it's the hot button issue of today but I don't think so. I've been buying organic ever since I've had the buying power to do it. (We're talking over 11 years.) I've always been on the crunchy side of life. If I can make it myself, I do. If I can grow it myself I do, and if I can't I buy it from a source (preferably locally) that would do it like I would if I could. I only see a doctor when I have a problem I'm sure I can't fix myself. I have always been pro-earth (in the be a good steward way, not in the Mother Earth goddess kind of way.) I have always been one that turns the water off when I brush my teeth, between rinsing and washing the dishes, and 'save a flush' at night. Yup. I'm a little green. I could, of course, go greener. I still buy shampoo and soap and wear some synthetic clothing. I use paper plates. That's the one I feel guilty about. It's my secret vice. I hate to wash dishes. Hate it. But I buy non-petroleum based dish soap, so I guess I see it as give a little, take a little. Call me kooky, but it's me.