Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My brain is getting hungry for knowledge. I need to learn something new. I've been thinking more and more about natural living and with that in mind I turned to the internet. There is just too much out there. It's hard to know where to start. A quick search of natural living produced 506 million results. Straw bale buildings produced a "mere" 538,000. Maybe I'll start there.

I find blogs are interesting way to gain new ideas and everyday first hand accounts of how people walk out their beliefs or lifestyles. It was by pure accident I ran across my first blog. I was searching for modest swimsuits and ran across a blog of a woman with pictures of her in her modest dresses. It was a blogpost. I read it, liked it, and kept reading. Slowly a few more blogs made it onto the scene and opened up a world of new ideas for me. How else would I have learned about Nourishing Traditions and purposful frugal living? It's after I've read about an idea that I am able to turn to the web and search it our a little more for myself.

Have any good blog recomendations? I'm always up for a new idea.