Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sweeter and Sweeter

Okay... I admit it. Reluctantly however. Adversity does make one stronger and makes the days that are good that much sweeter. I had yet another pleasant day yesterday. The yellow eyed monster didn't show his face. There were no shouting matches, no cutting words, and no situations so sticky that I wished it were tomorrow. Slow and steady is the key. Anything done rashly and over night is likely done in folly.

I looked at the lawn yesterday. Bits of green are creeping over the brown patches. Apparently even grass agrees with me. Slow and steady really does win the race. I know that unless I take the time to really see the gradual changes, one day I'll look out and think "Where did that hayfield come from?" Spring comes quietly creeping on it's little kitten feet. Silently stalking the butterflies hidden in the weeds. One day that kitten will pounce, the butterflies will emerge, and spring will be upon us in her full glory. Life is so much the same. I want to be aware of the new growth each day brings. Carefully and cautiously I will awaken to it lest a sudden blast of winter past take me by surprise and stun me to the bare roots.

Spring grass. Crocuses popping their heads up to say hello. Little birdies greeting each day with gusto. Teach me Lord.