Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slowwwly moving along

Some things have been moving so slowly lately. Take for instance, the great undertaking of reading Robinson Crusoe. I know I blogged about it 2 weeks ago. You'd think we'd be rippin' right through it considering we're reading and listening to an audio version at the same time. That makes the work of the novel so much less. Nah. We officially started chapter 2 today. Yeah, I know! slowwwww.

Other things seem to be flying by. The warmer sunny days, for instance, seem to just fly by without our ever really getting outside to enjoy them. What have we been doing?

Last week was crazy. Monday was spent with Daddy. Tuesday seemed to fly by so quickly that we didn't' get school done, didn't clean the house, or do much of anything that I can remember. I think we were in some kind of time warp. Wednesday and Thursday were standardized testing days. We had a one hour drive to get there. Wednesday was scouts, too, so we were gone from 7:30 am until 8:15 pm. Thursday wasn't much better. Friday was co-op and we mom's could have bailed and been justified but wanted to assure that something that resembled learning was accomplished for the week. The week before last, and now this week haven't been any better.

While life is moving so incredibly fast, some things seem to drag out in front of me forever. Will we ever get to the part of the book where Crusoe is shipwrecked for a million years? Will those long promised tax incentive checks ever arrive? Will I ever paint my kitchen and finally put my house on the ever weakening market? Will I ever get an email telling me how you've been (you know who you are)? I think because somethings move at the speed of light, like how quickly my 'baby' is growing up, other things automatically slow down, like the speed at which I worked on my taxes-even though I was expecting a refund. It's God's way of equalizing everything and reminding us to live one day at a time.

I love you Lord, and I am reminded in good times and bad that I need Thee.