Sunday, April 27, 2008

How hungry are you?

It's a question that I've just asked myself. I'm talking about spiritual hunger, not physical. How hungry for God am I? I know how I want to answer the question, but unfortunately that answer is not the truth. When I closely examine myself, I realize I'm not as hungry for God as I would like to be or even imagine myself being. Oh, I'm so ashamed. I want to be hungry for God. I imagine I am, but when His light shines on me, I'm undone. I can't hide the fact that I have become complacent with where I am in Christ. I'm saved and I know it. I received the Holy Spirit. I think I've just become too comfortable.

If I were to be hungry- desperately hungry for God, then I would not be content with the way I am. I would not be comfortable in my own skin. I would thirst and hunger and press in until I grabbed hold of the hem of His garment. I would fight my way through the crowd of my own life, cares and worry, and I would touch Him.

My answer to this question has to be, "Not hungry enough."
Lord, change me. Make me hunger and thirst once again for you. Stir my heart. Burn within me, and make me wholly yours.