Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Something to Blog about

More than I can shake a stick at. It seems sometimes I am at a loss for words and other times I have more words than can come out at once.

I have officially changed the blog layout. It's bright and green and springy just like the grass that has turned into a lush green carpet outside my window. Have I mentioned before how much I love spring?! Maybe only a hundred and two times, so consider this the hundred and third. I LOVE SPRING! I love flowers. I love green. I love sunshine and I love the promise that summer is right around the corner. 90 degrees, hot, and sticky anyone? Yes please! If only it were legal for people who look like me to run around nude...that way I could feel that warm sunshine on more of my skin.

Tonight will be Idol's top 6. I've started bloggin' about it, so I've got to see it through to the end. One of my other shows, LOST, should soon be coming back on again with new episodes. How did we ever wait all those long long months to find out about the survivors of Oceanic 815?

Also, I have some other thoughts brewing...ever met someone who knew it all? Nothing is more irritating to me than this kind of person. Okay, maybe the person that only talks about them self ranks right up there along with the person that pretends to be compassionate when really all they are is very selfish.

And then there's the whole crunchy momma type vibe I have. I have been playing with all kinds of new (to me) ways to become even more crunchy. I wanna share all of my discoveries.

Oh! and then there's this whole 3 week revival thing going on down in Florida. What's funny is that it began the same weekend my brother was moving down there. Purely coincidental, I'm sure. He hasn't even been there yet, even though it's practically in his own back yard. But we'll talk more about it later.

I think if I write all that bloggy business down I'll be less apt to forget what I wanted to write about later this week.