Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am...

...a culinary genius. You heard it here first y'all. Tonight's menu was a stroke of pure craving. Mexican anyone? I started out to make enchiladas. Oh, Craving, you are powerful, but alas, hunger was ever so much more powerful. I decided tacos would take half the time. So while my own creation of Spanish rice was cooking away, I went to work on some homemade taco seasoning. Have you ever flipped the package of seasoning mix over and taken a look at what's actually in it?! Makes me gasp just thinking of all those chemicals! So,... yes, I did it. I made my own. And the kids verdict? Better than the package. Who knew I was this good?

Yes, I am indeed a culinary genius. Go Momma!

Soy un genio culinario, and bilingual too.