Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Idol Rant 4/01

Ryan Seacrest says, "April Fool's" ha. ha. very funny. (can't you just hear the enthusiasm coming out of my laugh?)

Tonight's show I knew was going to be a good one. Why? Two words. DOLLY PARTON! Yes! The only thing I don't like about Dolly is the size of her bra. She is so incredibly talented. I've heard her do so many genres of music and do them all well. And she's so charming and friendly too.

Brooke White was firt up doing one of my all time favorite Dolly songs-Jolene. The brief clip I heard her do with Dolly I thought was great. Performance time came and I felt like she could have done oceans better. It wasn't horrible, but I expected more out of one of my favorite contestants this year. My rating. It was okay.

David Cook was on second doing "Little Sparrow". Again, this is a Dolly Song that I really love. I totally see why he picked this one. It could be one of those creepy dark rocky type songs. He did a good job with it.

Ramiele Malubay did "Do I ever Cross Your Mind." So far the first 3 contestants are picking some of my fav's. Ramiele started out pretty strongly, and I like the song and arragement for her, but I always feel like she is holding back and needs to loosen up and just cut loose. It was okay.

Jason Castro. "Travelin' Thru." Finally a song I wasn't so familiar with. I think he did a great job with it. It suited him perfectly.

Carly Smithson made "Here you Come Again" her own. This is such a great song. Carly has one of the strongest voices in this competition. I recognize her talent, I think she's great, but to me she sounds so much like Celine Dion which should be a complement to her. The girl can sang but I wouldn't likely buy her album. I can always predict just what kind of performance she'll give.

David Archuletta has one of those voices that was made to be listened to. Finally this week he did better with his song choice. I think this kid has an old soul-either than or someone much older than he is making all his selections. Either way, this kid feels what he's singing and I so enjoy him. Tonight's "Smokey Mountain Memories" didnt' disappoint.

Kristy Lee Cook is as cute as a bug's ear. Um... yup. Just so cute. Having said that, why is she still in this competition? "Coat of Many Colors" was the one song I hoped not to hear tonight. Just let Dolly have that one yall. I have to admit though that country does suit KLC's voice and she gets better every week. I just don't get why people would actually want to pay to hear her.

Sayesha Mercado's "I will Always Love you was closer to Dolly's version than Whitney's and I loved it. This girl has not been getting enough attention. Her voice has been consistantly on point. Again, this girl can sang. Why oh why has she been in the bottom 3 so many times. The judges didn't give her due props, but I think it's because they were thinking Whitney instead of Dolly. What planet are they from? Sayesha should not have tried to mix so much of the Whitney version at the end. K.I.S.S.-keep it simple, Stupid. But I really enjoy her every week.

Michael Johns bluesy version of "It's all Wrong, but It's All Right" suited him very well. My only complaint is that he sings very throaty. Too much tension there. Again, he gets better every week.

Who should go? Kristy Lee Cook, or Ramiele. As much as I'm pullin' for the Asians on tv, she just isn't keeping up with the pack.

Who will go home? Ramiele? Sayesha?