Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Idol Rant 3/26

I have been a little on the bored side with Idol this season. Maybe it's become too predictable for me. I can fast forward through half of it and not feel like I've missed a thing. It's taken the joy out of throwing in my 2 cents worth.

The highlight of last night's show was a rendition of "Billy Jean." Brilliant. Simply Brilliant. Creepy, and dark and rock-n-rolly without murdering the original.

Michael Johns finally caught my attention with "We are the Champions." It was also nice not to hear a song from the mid to late 80's. Makes a girl feel old when she can remember when they had airplay.

My usual joy, David Archuletta did this creepy wierd (in a bad way) slit your wrist, supposed to be uplifting type song. This kid has a great voice, but sometimes his song selections leave me wanting a little bit.

Brooke White did a song I really enjoyed, can't remember what it is right this second, but it was pretty good.

Jason Castro needs to mix it up a bit, but all in all I enjoy him. He reminds of this other kid named Jason i used to know. Maybe it's his nose?

I have no clue who will actually go home this week. Chikezie, Ramiel? I just don't know.