Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Socks and Underwear a Go

My husband informed me today that he didn't want a new cellphone. He's okay with using his 'old' one. This man is maddening at times. He undulates between extremely cheap and extremely extravagent. There seems to be no middle ground. So even if I had decided to break my budget and get him a new phone, he doesn't really want one. I told him today that he's just too hard to buy for. I told him the only thing I was sure he would use is underwear and socks-he never has enough, even when he has 30 pairs of each. He just flashed his usual smile and said, "Okay, that'd be good." I think he would really enjoy getting underwear and socks for Christmas. I have a large box in storage. Maybe I'll just fill it up with as much as my budget allows, and put it under the tree.

We were having our anual whataya want arguement-er, I mean, conversation. He always says he doesn't know what to buy me. He is truely oblivious to any attempt to clue him in to anything. He knows sizes and colors and all that jazz, but turn him loose with a wad of cash and he suddenly turns to Idiotman. He spends all his time looking at cellphones, tvs, and computers and then last minute decides he better buy me something. I guess he works better under pressure. The best gift he's given me in the past few years is cash. This year for my birthday he said, "Here. Go buy what you want." How romantic. <3<3<3 8D