Sunday, December 30, 2007

A few more links I like

Today I thought I'd share a few more links I like.

god tv
This is a great way to watch god tv if you aren't lucky enough to get the channel on your tv. This weekend I have been watching coverage of the Call Nashville and IHOP's Onething conference.

This is the movement responsible for the silent protests outside of government buildings and abortion clinics. Maybe you've seen the red duct tape with the word LIFE written on it. Get your lifebands here. (fair warning: this one was taking a while for me to load today.)

Test your vocab skills and donate something towards hunger too. This can be quite addictive. For example: hygroscopic means....?

efood depot
You can buy all those hard to find ethnic type foods here. I've never actually ordered, but I like to look.

Kids in Ministry
This is the website belonging to the lady behind the Jesus Camp film controversy.
A real weath of knowledge. I've used it for everything from recipes to how-to's.

Who needs an encyclopedia when you have wikipedia?

Last but not least.
One that I use frequently. I sometimes forget how to spell something or am unsure if I'm using a word correctly. It also saves shelf space. Who needs a dictionary when you have