Monday, December 3, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggidy jog

Yesterday I made the trip to hubby's to bring him home. (Our other car needs inspected so I had to make the trip. Hopefully the garage will have the car done today.) It rained and poured on the trip out. It was late when we got there so we camped out on the floor and came home this morning. We ran some errands and then finally made it home. Today makes one feel winter weather has arrived. It is windy and cold and snowflakes are flying. I'm quite glad to be back home where it's somewhat warm inside. The wind and the cold make it feel quite cold inside too.

Hubby just went out on what should have been a half hour errand. The roads iced up while he was out so instead of a half hour it turned into 2 hours!There had been a large head on collision that didn't help either. Now I should remind you that living where we do, we're no strangers to winter weather. He said traffic was only moving at about 10 miles an hour. It wasn't until he was almost home that the state trucks finally made it out to clear up the mess. Let's just say he wasn't in the brightest mood when he got home.

I think we're staying in for the rest of the night. Tomorrow he will make the journey back to work and we will once again be by (or with) ourselves. Usually 1 day with this work obsessed man is enough. He has no idea how to relax. He's used to a frenetic pace and has trouble slowing it down to enjoy a quiet day with the family. I wish he would learn. Everyone should take the time out to stop and smell the flowers-even if they are snow and ice covered. 8)