Sunday, December 16, 2007

christmas shopping...

Check. Christmas cards...Check.

I finished my cards yesterday and my shopping for the kids this evening. The weather is gross. Cold, windy, snowy and blowing, but my mom phoned me up this afternoon and said I'd better go. The rest of this week is busy for her, so it was now or never. The stores were not busy, everybody was scared off by the weather I guess. The only problem was that the shelves were somewhat bare of some of the items I wanted.
4yo braved it like a soldier. At first she cried and wanted to go along but after I explained to her she was simply not permitted to go or to cry, she straightened right up. I wish I could spend double what I did but I'm sure when I get it all layed out to wrap I'll be surprised at what I was able to get. I usually have to do the shopping for my grandmother so that will be another opportunity.

I still need to pick up a few things for the adults in my life. I'm sure the kids will enjoy being dragged around to do that. Actually, they are usually pretty well behaved and enjoy giving a little input. I cannot think of a thing to buy for my husband. He has everything he wants or needs. If he wants it, he buys it. The only thing he would probably like is a new cellphone. He loves cellphones. I dunno. I don't think I wanna break my budget for one. He's still got a year to go on his contract.

Forgive me if the thoughts aren't very cohesive or well constructed. It was a 6 hour shopping marathon to get it all done. My brain feels fried.