Sunday, December 9, 2007

"It was like a ministry for me."

Today my 9yo's girl scout troop went Christmas caroling at a local nursing home. Some of the girls were out of pitch, one got tired and sat down in the middle of a song, the few that played their instruments should have tuned them first, many talked in between songs, but oh, was it precious! I felt so proud of our girls for their willingness to spend a Sunday afternoon with a roomful of elderly people they didn't know. I was proud, that despite the troop leader's lack of musical genius, they were able to make a joyful noise in order to brighten the day. I even was proud of the girls who played their out of tune instruments. When the singing was over, they broke up into groups. One group went to be helpers for craft time, and the other two read Christmas stories. How precious to see the girls helping glue and cut, or read 'Twas the Night and hold up the pictures for all to see.

On the ride home, 9yo said to me, "Mommy, it was like a ministry for me." Oh, how I love this dear child.

My heart is full and smiling.