Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Am I the only one...

...that gets bored the days following Christmas? I think I've heard it called the big let down. Christmas was very nice, everyone loved their gifts, there were no major arguments-only 1 minor tiff when my husband woke up grumpily from his nap. ( I hate that.) Now it's the day after and it's all over and I'm bored. It's only 8:00, but if feels like midnight. The parties are over, people are back to work, and we're back to being alone. I really don't like it.

Calgon, take me away.

On a positive note, Christmas was quite nice. My family was together without the stress of the past few years, and we actually seemed to enjoy ourselves. No walking on eggshells, people were laughing, and smiling and even hugging when it was time to go home. How refreshing to return to the civility of years past. I even managed to stay on budget with the holiday shopping so no after Christmas guilt. We took lots and lots of pictures, none of which I've looked at yet. I managed to take a cute shot of the girls in front of the tree. Not only did daddy get one all framed and wrapped, but I also gave them to grandma, great grandma, uncle, and nearly uncle. I didn't bake a single cookie this year. Not even for Santa. We were at my brother's far later than expected -great grandma was late to dinner,a first in my memory. By the time we finally made it home, the kids were too tired to even care if Santa got his freshly baked cookies. Store bought to the rescue. I don't usually buy them, but hubby happened to have bought some for a gift that he didn't end up giving. They were pretty good, but nothing like homemade. Maybe I'll make some New Year cookies.

Okay, I'm rambling. I'll hop off and finish putting away the laundry.