Monday, December 10, 2007

hip flexor, ouch!

Now I understand why football players have to sit out a game for a hip flexor injury. I managed to injure mine,OUCH!

I'm not one for doctors. I don't like to be poked or proded and I especially don't like paying for them. When the pain in my hip became so unbearable that it hurt to walk across the room, or lift my leg into the car, I knew it was time to see somebody about it. I chose my chiropractor. Why go to an m.d. that would just prescribe meds and maybe a few strengthening excercises when I can go and get a total alignment? ahhh...sweet relief for my aching neck, and my now throbbing hip. My hip needed realigned too. When he gave it a tug,...thinking about it hurts. At least now I'm all straight and am sure of what's up with my hip. He said to expect at least a 2 week recovery time. Until it's better I'm left hobbling around. A time like now is when I really mind living alone.