Monday, June 9, 2008

Baking in the Son

While some have been blogging about the high temperatures and bemoaning how high they are, I am doing just the opposite. Praise God!! for some high temps. I love 'em!! Yesterday was simply glorious. It was hot and breezy. Just the kind of weather I love. Of course, I'm sure it would be miserable without a little a/c inside to help cool off after I've sat out and soaked in all that heat. Hubs doesn't like the heat, odd I think for a chef who swelters away in the kitchen most of the year. 5&10 yo don't deal well with heat either, unless they can get wet. Then they both lap it up.

Yesterday morning's church service was especially uplifting for me. I've been a bit. It's out of the blue, and came at me from no where, but I've been fighting it with everything I've got. I've not given in to the feelings and don't plan to. I'm hitting them with everything I know to do. So yesterday during worship service while the music played, I focused on the One who can lift me to places no earthly song or being could. At first it was a struggle, but then all of the sudden, I was sucked up into a higher place. Still aware of the floor under my feet, the pew under me, but equally aware of no longer being weighted down with earthly cares. No longer was I baring the load of my self. Instead it was as though I was in the presence of the King. I beheld just a glimpse of Him. No, I didn't see a face, or a specific place, but was there none the less. What a feeling of weightlessness and a breezy light. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. It was quite nice. When I drifted back down to earth, my burden was lighter. The pew felt hard and uncomfortable, and air felt unnatural to breath. Then it struck me just how strange it is to be confronted with His holiness and to be living in an earthly body. He is just so good. Burn me up. I wanna bake in the Son.