Monday, June 23, 2008

Didja Miss Me?

Didja, didja? I'd like to think there were at least one or two that missed me here in bloggy-land.

Vbs was pretty much a chore for me all week. The last night was the easiest becuase it was parent night and those couple of kids that were hard to control weren't my problem. ahhhh. sweet relief. I was able to just sit back and enjoy.

We gained 1 new child for sunday school. He also came to the "altar" the last night to recieve christ. He's one of those kids that was so visibly hungry for God. It was great to see him soak it all up and then have the opportunity to recieve Christ. Last year, he was at VBS for 2 nights or so. He was so hard to control, but we couldn't help but like him. Then he'd say things like, "Who's Jesus? WHat's the Bible?" He was so clueless to any of it. His mother promised to bring him to SS but never did. This year he was at 4 of the 5 nights of VBS. He remembered everything from last year, and loved this year too! It was pretty rewarding to see just that one child so touched by the love of God. It makes the hard work worth it.

I'm glad it's over until next year. I have stated AGAIN that I don't want to teach a class. We'll see if they take me serously. I feel like I teach kids all year, I'd really like to take the summer off and just veg. I need to give my brain a bit of rest.