Sunday, June 1, 2008

blog blog bloggitty blog blog

Yup. That's right. I'm writing a blog post. I was just going over my visitors for the past few weeks. I love that I got some fresh hits. It made my little heart just pitty patter because all those scripture quoting posts are what people were searching for. I was writing them for me, but I'm tickled pink that other people share the same thoughts.

I feel good right now. I had a strange relapse of those "dreams" again last night. Despite the fact that they make me feel happy and content, I've realized I gotta rebuke them as soon as I realize what has happened. Sounds dumb maybe... but I don't care to elaborate about what the dreams are about (but it isn't in any way get your mind out of the gutter!). I just know that allow myself to dwell on dreams like that could potentially lead to me becoming discontent with real life. Anyway...I quickly forgot about them and went on with my day.

5yo has been feeling a bit yicky for the past 2 days. She had some allergy type stuff, which translated into sinus drainage which I think went to her chest and she developed a bit of junk in there. She's back to her spunky self this evening, but we stayed home all weekend. Despite being home (which would normally be enough to make me nuts) I have just felt good and productive. I baked cookies, made a Sunday lunch and have in general felt just good. So HA! take that ya old dreams... you didn't beat me this time.