Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sticker Shock!

Since we had VBS all last week I spent the whole week with my mom and dad. It just saves gas and time since they live so much closer to the church than I-10 mins versus my 40-45 mins. During our stay we made a total of 3 trips to the grocery store. One of them to a market in between our homes that I never visit because I have always thought their prices are too high. The other trip was to one of those small town markets (still independently owned) that is just too far of a drive for me to go to except when I'm with my mum.

We had visited our standby GC the week before. I've noticed that their prices have been higher for the past year or so since having built a new store. The old one was perfect. Great prices, great service, convenient location. The new one,...well. It's new. It's big, and still convenient. The service is still pretty okay too. The problem? When they moved to the new store all of their prices went up by $.10-$.50. they were still cheaper than the alternative unless I want to eat processed junk from the big Wally world.

I say all this so you'll know, I'm familiar with the local store prices. 4 trips in 2 weeks should help that a bit. Today the Girls and I made what I thought was going to be a light trip to the GC. Our budget for groceries has been cut ( just couldn't be helped with gas prices up so high.) I know have 75% if what I'm used to spending. Not really all that bad. It means being careful that I buy only what's on sale and no impulse stuff.

To help make up the difference I broke my principles and did some food shopping at the Wally around the corner (they just built one so close i could spit and hit it-I really could y'all, I'm a country girl.) I made a list of everything we were out of, and headed on over. I spent about $45. I walked away with a fair amount of everyday essentials. I felt good.

Today I headed over to our steady store. The one i have been faithful too even though they have price gouged me to pay for a facility they didn't need. Hey, they offer gas points now, and they have a whole section, a section! of organics-and believe me, it's my favorite out of the whole store. Shampoos, cleansers, snacks, and more. It saves a trip to the health food store.

Have you noticed I ramble?...

Now keep in mind I was just in there 2 weeks ago. Today I went in and was shocked, shocked! to find that many of the items I regularly buy have gone up in price. Not just a little...alot!

One of those luxury buys were olive from the olive bar. I always felt guilty buying them, especially when they went from 3.99 a pound to 4.99. Today I went in, and grew a hankering for some oh so buttery cerignola olives...Holy Sticker shock Batman! $6.99 a pound!!!! That's a $2.00 2 weeks.

Oh, but I can live without the buttery goodness. Journeying down my beloved organics isle however, i saw more carnage. Soap up by $1.00. My skincare up by $2.00. But it didn't stop there. No. It spread everywhere!! Dried plums, applesauce, cereal.

Oh, it makes me soooo sad.

What I thought was going to be a happy pickup what the Wally doesn't carry turned into a real eye opener. This is not my store anymore. No where is.

Prices are up everywhere.

I need a farm. Then I could grow all the organic produce I wanted, raise a few dairy cows and goats, beef and chicken, and homestead till my little heart was content.

I need a farmhouse with pantry space to hold all those wheat berries, homemade fermentations, soaps and candles, jams, jellies, and preserved bounty from my garden.

Can you feel it? Jesus is coming soon.

I've been thinking alot about the Great Depression. Both sets of my grandparents were products of it. As a younger adult it was easy to poke fun of my grandfather in his patched patches britches and his desire to rig anything to make it work. If it aint moldy, he eats it(as long as it's meat and potatoes) He's 80 years old and still tries to do everything himself. Now as times once again grow tough for the average American, I see wisdom in his choices.

Oh, and btw, my total today for a "light" shopping trip? $94.00. I totally stocked up on sale items that I was sure were a good price. The problem? Where to store 5 bottles of olive oil.