Friday, June 27, 2008

We are one? more thoughts...

I've just been thinking about the differences between denominations. My friendship with a mixed group (denominationally speaking) of ladies has caused me to think about this quite often. All of us are from a different denomination (myself being the only one that claims no denomination.) While we are knitted together in our hearts with a like faith in Christ and a love for our families, I sometimes feel the pang of our separation in our relationship and understanding of God.

I don't claim to hold the market on understanding or knowledge. I would have to say that I feel very unlearned in many many ways and wish I could (or had the inclination) to jam more into this little wee brain of mine. Sadly I do not.

I think what I do have is a mind open to learn and be challenged on a daily basis in what I believe to be truth. Not to say that my faith in Christ in any way wavers. I tell you it does not. I am very sure that the one way to the Father is through faith in His Son Christ Jesus, without whom there would be no remission of sin. That has to be the foundation of my faith or else the whole building would collapse for He is a sure foundation. What I'm really speaking of is the "smaller" points of our faith.

I don't know it all, I haven't attained it all, and I am continually in pursuit of Him and His truth. I don't want any of the denominational hogwash that gets shoved down so many throats. I want Jesus. I want His Spirit. I believe He will lead and guide me into all Truth.

I am open to Him challenging a long held tradition or belief. Oh, that my fellow brothers and sisters were as open.

I'm sad by the slight yet great differences among the body of believers. I'm sad that so many think they are part of "The" church. Even the names of their church claim it to be so. I'm sad that man has been so blinded by books, and man made religion that they can't even see that they may be wrong. I'm sad that while we claim to be part of one body through our Lord, we are so far from it. We are not one.

I'm sad at some people's small mindedness. They put God in a box and say surely He is "this way" -any other way must be false. (they may reject prophecy, healing, spiritual gifts, or only except them on their terms... just to name a few.) I'm just sad. Sad at our lack of unity as believers.

All creation is groaning for the return of Christ. I join in on their cries.


make us one.