Tuesday, June 10, 2008

...and it won't stop.

another song reference 8D I think in music. I've got one for nearly any situation.

Day 70 of the Revival.
It's not the first time in my memory that a move of God has gone on this long. It won't be the last either. And I really feel this is just the beginning. I have heard for years that the Lord was going to visit with a move that would consume the east coast, that it would spread to the world. Another Great Awakening.

Oh, wake me Lord! I want to burn with holy passion for you. I just want Him. I don't want anything else. I don't want religion, I don't programs or agendas, I don't want any man made religiosity. I just want Him. I just want to be lost in Him. I want to carry His love to a world starving for the Real Thing.

I watched a video on Sunday called ...ermmm... something like The Fingerprints of God, or something like that. What struck me the most, was that the few people featured on there were just like me-wanting to show the love of Christ. What made them so different than me is that they aren't scared to show that love to complete strangers. They are bold enough to see someone sick or hurting and ask if they can pray for them. Oh, wake me Lord!