Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy...

I feel purt-near giddy. Really. God is so good to me!

The past few days have been a nice, contented blur. It's been a very nice holiday season. Today I'm trying to get back into my normal routine. I even made a menu plan(the first one in a few weeks).

And to add to my holiday delight? IHOP is offering their ONETHING conference to view for free!!

I wanted to go to this, but just knew I couldn't swing it. Once again, God has given me the desires of my heart. Watching it in the comfort of my own home is pretty nice. The kids can play around the tree (although, not for much longer) and I can fold laundry while we listen and enjoy.

It's free to watch, but you have to register. The second session started at 2pm central time.
onething 08

EDITED TO ADD: WOW! I can't say enough about the teaching I've been hearing all day! It's soooo good!!