Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Works For me...Lacing Up

Ever wake up in the morning, take a look around and think, "What blew up in here?!"

Only about once or six times a week! It's always especially bad when Hubs has been home the day before.

One thing I've learned the last few years is that the best way to get through it is to just get to it. The work isn't always so bad once you get started.

In the past I always cleaned in my bare feet. We don't wear shoes inside. It keeps the floors cleaner. The thing is, when you clean for several hours bare footed, you wind up with aching feet, not to mention if the garbage needs to go the curb and you don't have a willing helper, it takes some extra time to put your shoes on to take it out.

Enter my mom. She's been telling me for years to put some shoes on before I do things. Did I ever remember?

Is molasses pink?

Not until recently. Something just finally clicked. I began taking my mommy's advice and started lacing up the shoes before I start my cleaning. What a difference it makes.

It puts a spring in my step, protects my feet, and I'm also ready for anything. If I need to run outside to the car for something, or take the trash to the curb, I don't have to pause to tie up my sneaks.

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