Monday, December 8, 2008

A record breaker?

I know I've been rather quiet for a few days. Well,..I hurt my back. Or I guess, reinjured it, or aggravated an old injury or-something. Whatever you call it-it hurt.

We stayed home from co-op on Friday. One of the mom's decided to come over to help us. I didn't really need it, but it was a nice thought. She took care of getting dinner-fried chicken. It was good not to have to cook and clean up. Thankfully the house work was done Thursday so I was able to take it easy Saturday.

Sunday I was still trying to take it easy, but Hubs was home. He had 2 days off this week. The payback for that is that we wont see him until the week of Christmas. Kitchen work is like that. If someone else needs the extra time, you've got to pay the price for it.

Since he had 2 days off, we decided to go shopping. The kids stayed with my mom and dad. They even spent the night!

That means Hubs and I were alone for a whole day and night and most of yesterday!!!!

Truly, I don't remember the last time he and I were alone together for that amount of time. The last time I can remember was shortly after 10yo was born. But it was an emergency type visit and not what one would call relaxing. This weekend we had no agenda except to go shopping.

We went for a drive, got coffee, shopped, grabbed a sandwich. He helped me shop for the kids. He even laughed at my jokes (instead of being angry.) I could scarce believe it. It was pleasant. I had forgotten that we were ever like that.

You girls that have full time husbands probably don't realize just how lucky you are.

I didn't really how much I needed a break from 24/7 mommydom either. At bedtime, I realized that while I felt a little guilty over letting my children with their grandparents, I felt very relieved to not have to take care of anybody.

The shopping made the back pain flare up, but it was worth it. So worth it.